The best dj headphones, prices and opinions

The best dj headphones, prices and opinions

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How to choose DJ headphones

The price: there are many good professional DJ headphones, in this article we want to highlight above all the models with a good value for money.

Headphone Type: There are various models of DJ headphones on the market, we prefer over-ear headphones or on-ear headphones – so we do not recommend in-ear headphones or earphones. More specifically the models with closed designs help to isolate the sound. Closed headphones are useful when mixing to avoid getting confused by external sound, and also prevent others from hearing what you hear on headphones. Most of the dj headphones we have chosen are foldable as in our opinion it is a very comfortable thing for a dj. Other things to consider are the additional accessories such as the case and adapter and features such as Ohms and cable interchangeability. The color, style and design of a headset may not matter, however DJs care a lot about the appearance.

The best DJ headphones

Below is our list of the best DJ headphones. In our experience, we know how to recognize a real pair of DJ headphones. Many companies use the phrases “DJ headphones” or even “studio headphones” to reinforce their unethical marketing.

Pioneer HDJ-2000-K dj headphones – See price or buy

The Pioneer HDJ-2000 headphones  are among the best DJ headphones thanks to them  quality and comfort with swivel earcups, large 50mm dome drivers, 36 ohms, a carrying bag, replaceable cables and ear pads. The frequency range is from  5 Hz to 30 kHz. The fact that it is possible to replace some parts of this model of headphones will extend the lifespan.

Allen & Heath XONE XD2-53 DJ headphones 

One of the best pairs of DJ headphones is this model of  Allen & Heath of which he is mentioned in numerous forums.  Both sound and build quality is excellent with a foldable design and detachable cable. Drivers are from  53 mm with an impedance of 36 Ohms and one  frequency range from 5 to 33 kHz. This dj headphone is offered with  a bag you never mind.  These are among the best headphones with excellent value for money.

Numark Red Wave DJ headphones – See price or buy

Numark RED WAVE , it’s about headphones professional for DJ. They they employ a comfortable design closed vessel for the great isolation from external noises. RED WAVE with  their drivers from 50 millimeters produce a sound clean and powerful Designed by DJs for  the DJ , these headphones I’m  comfortable and have  a design swivel so that they are easy to to wear  so unilateral between the ear and shoulder . The headphones  they also have a skin breathable e  an adapter from  1/8 for  the link to MP3 players ,  they are also provided  of a custody for  transport quick and cheap. Theirs superior quality sound  With the’ attractive appearance is comfortable make them one clear choice for the DJ professionals .

Shure SRH750DJ DJ headphones – See price or buy

A solid alternative to shure DJ headphones is the SRH750DJ model which thanks to its high quality has earned a good reputation while remaining in the same price range as the Xone model. The pads are replaceable, a carry bag is also included. Some also use these headphones for mixing,  mastering, video editing and podcasting, despite everything we prefer Allen and Heath or Pioneer models.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x DJ headphones – See price or buy

One of the best all-round headphones are the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x often mentioned in the forums because of the strong interest they arouse.  They are available in three colors, black, blue or white, with a leather padding that offers good comfort and a swivel and interchangeable design.  We recommend this model to those who are not just looking for DJ headphones.

Beyerdynamic DT-1350 DJ headphones – See price or buy

Beyerdynamics is one of the most advanced brands when it comes to headphones. The Beyer DT-1350 are high quality closed headphones with a comfortable fit and an impedance of 80 Ohms, so if you are looking for power you can buy these headphones that  they are rotatable and comfortable to wear with excellent sound quality.

AKG K181-DJ DJ headphones – See price or buy

Headphones  AKG K181-DJ despite their good quality are sold at an attractive price. There is on board  the “boost bass” switch that offers more bass boost even if not  it is necessarily good for mixing and mastering work. In addition to this, the cable is detachable, the drivers are 50mm while a  Convenient folding mechanism completes the good features of this light and handy model.

Sony MDR1A DJ headphones – See price or buy

Headphones  Sony MDR1A have 40mm drivers but remember that size doesn’t necessarily affect quality. Sony headphones have an interchangeable cable  but if we really have to say it all since these headphones are not born mainly for DJs, there are cheaper models that are more suitable for DJs.

Stanton DJ Pro 2000 headphones – See price or buy

The Stanton DJ Pro 2000s are pretty crazy,  also used by DJ Tiesto right? The in-ear headphones rotate, the cable is detachable, and the drivers are 50mm large. They come with a mini-jack adapter and a carry bag for travel. It is an economical model that boasts of a good sturdy construction.

Behringer HPX2000 dj headphones – See price or buy

The pair of headphones  Behringer HPX2000 is super cheap, with around 20 euros you can get great value for money. Again the design is rotatable and well built but don’t expect miracles at this price point.

Numark Redphone – See price or buy

RedPhone is a stick-shaped headphone designed to best work mixes based on the acclaimed Numark Red Wave headphone. With an ergonomic padded handle and swivel padded leather, RedPhone allows you to monitor audio without being tied to your gear. RedPhone uses a comfortable closed cup for instant isolation when you need it, and is easy to hold between your ear and shoulder when you need to use both hands while monitoring. It also comes with a detachable 1/8 ″ jack cable, a 1/4 ″ jack adapter and a carrying bag.