The best home stereos, which ones to buy?

The best home stereos, which ones to buy?

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What’s better than a sound system that transforms a living space, whether it’s a small room or a huge living room, into a music hall or cinema? If you listen to hard rock music, for example, you will feel like you are in the center of the stage. Finding the right system that fits the space and your needs can be difficult; so I selected from a long list what I believe are the 5 best home stereos available on the market. Whether you’re looking to totally immerse yourself in gorgeous sound craving expensive high-end HD audio equipment or much more simply want to spend little to liven up your bedroom atmosphere, these sound systems will be “music to your ears”.

Bose SoundTouch 30 Series III Wireless Music System – See price or buy

The Bose SoundTouch 30 Series III is capable of capturing the sound of the guitar and individual notes from a song. Its technology is designed to fill any space, large or small, with deep, robust sound, and since it’s only a one-piece system, set-up is a breeze. You can add other Bose speakers connected via Bluetooth or wireless, which means you can turn a simple warehouse into a concert hall. It works with your home Wi-Fi network and with devices that have Bluetooth so you can stream audio from any device (PC, Smartphone, Tablet) using the SoundTouch application. Music services such as Pandora, Spotify, and SiriusXM can be accessed from the system with a single tap, enabling playback of web radio and music archives. Bose advertises the SoundTouch 30 Series III as the “best monoblock wireless music system,” which means it’s expensive, but it’s worth buying. The colors available are black and white.

Sonos Play: 1 – See price or buy

The Sonos Play: 1 is considered a very good quality stereo with a limited budget. The only drawback is that it only has Wi-Fi. The design is a bit clunky and similar to a coffee can, but with 11.93 cm wide, 16.25 cm deep and a weight of 1.85 km it cannot be said that it is not suitable for portability. To install it just download the free Sonos app for Android or iOS, run it, follow the instructions and use it. Music must be played from the Sonos app as it uses neither Airplay nor Bluetooth. However, given the wide choice of streaming options (Spotify, Google Play Music, and Prime Music), you shouldn’t find any problems. Unfortunately, Apple Music doesn’t work with Sonos, but you can use your iTunes library through the app. The 8.90cm woofer and the two amplifiers are powered by a wall connector and can easily fill a room with loud volume. As for the price, the Play: 1 isn’t just the cheapest Sonos speaker to date, it’s also a great choice if you’re looking for something simple and easy without having to spend a lot of money on a bulky sound system.

Logitech Surround Speakers Z506 – See price or buy

Undoubtedly the Logitech Surround Speakers Z506 is the cheapest on this list; is a 2-channel stereo surround sound system with 5.1 and 3D cable that includes six black speakers and a down-ported subwoofer for clean bass. While the system lacks Bluetooth connectivity like the other sound systems listed, it comes with 75 watts of balanced power – enough to fill a room with sound and even make some windows shake. The speaker bass features a control dial that allows you to easily adjust the bass levels. Not only suitable to be connected to pc, but via the 3.5mm RCA cable can be connected to your game console. Although the speakers work with game consoles and televisions, once connected they only produce 2.1 audio without surround sound.

Sony CMTSBT100 Micro Music System – See price or buy

Suitable for smaller, bookshelf-style spaces, the Sony CMTSBT100 Micro music system has 50 watts of power, a built-in CD player (in case you want to play a mix of songs mastered way back in the year 2000), AM / FM radio, USB input for your music playlist, Bluetooth connectivity and one touch NFC so you can stream music via smartphone, tablet and laptop. Brushed metal and old school style give the CMTSBT100 a retro look. And while there’s no iPod dock, the USB port offers 2.1 amp charging capacity if you want to power your smartphone and play music at the same time. But don’t expect too much raw power, as the device’s USB port can only read 250 songs, and thanks to its power-saving feature, it shuts down quickly once the music stops.

Philips BM50B – See price or buy

Multiroom speakers are great for anyone who wants to listen to music around the house but, sometimes, setting them up can be maddening. It is not uncommon to encounter problems when connecting the speaker to the wireless network. If your home wireless network is unreliable or congested, this can also cause headaches. Instead of using your home wireless network to sync different speakers, Philips’ Izzy range connects to each other using what it calls “izzylink”, which uses the 802.11n wireless standard. This is purely used for networking several Izzy speakers rather than providing an internet connection. By creating your own network, izzylink does not need a router or any network password. It’s just a matter of tapping a “Group” button on each speaker to group them together in different arrangements.

By connecting your audio source via Bluetooth to an izzylink compatible speaker, it transmits up to four additional speakers in a “master and slave” configuration. This means that one master speaker can control up to four slave speakers. This should be abundant if you don’t happen to be living in a villa. Instead of connecting each speaker directly to music streaming services, as most multiroom speakers allow, the device connected via Bluetooth provides audio. This can be anything from a smartphone or laptop, and it teases you about the need for service compatibility. You can stream audio from any device, from Spotify to YouTube to your favorite podcast app.

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