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With the coronavirus pandemic we had to give up evenings with friends, including those characterized by karaoke where you have fun singing your favorite songs.

Karaoke was once played on hardware-based devices, but the lack of flexibility of these products led to abandoning this mode to focus primarily on karaoke software.

In this article we want to talk about the ten best karaoke software in this 2021. These are software that work very well on both Windows and Mac, and the fact that they are independent of the operating system on our device is certainly a very important aspect.


Have you heard somewhere that Karafun is the most downloaded karaoke software? Well, the rumor is true.

The free version provides 30 seconds of sampling of each song while with the subscription you have access to more than 35,000 songs. The user can set the key and tempo or add the voice where needed.

In addition, Karafun supports CD + G, MPEG, KAR or MIDI formats, and also provides the offline synchronization , so that it can be used even in those places where the internet connection is lacking or completely absent.

There is also a very interesting aspect for parents, that can take advantage of the “Parental Control” to prevent your children from using Karafun by singing songs with explicit lyrics.

Free version / unlimited subscription for 7.99 euros per month


kJams Lite is already a satisfying enough version of this software, but kJams Pro is what professionals are looking for. Then there is kJams 2, in fact a kJams Pro combined with some great customization tools such as Python programming and automatic song fading.

The lyrics of the songs can be displayed in a duplicate window, and it is also confirmed support for almost all formats, except for KAR. Finally, the customer support is really top notch.

Free version / Kjams Lite $ 40 / Kjams 2 $ 140

Kanto Karaoke

Kanto Karaoke is available in three versions, that is free, standard and professional.

However, the free version clearly has gods limits compared to the other two. For example, in this mode the maximum number of “importable” songs in a playlist is five; Furthermore, the text background cannot be changed and the maximum length of a recording is only sixty seconds.

If these limitations seem a little too annoying to you you can proceed with the update to the Standard or Professional version.

Kanto Karaoke supports almost all multimedia formats they include MP3, MIDI, KAR, MP3 + CDG and even Karaoke video formats like AVI and WMV.

In case the user decides to use the Professional version on both Windows and Mac, he can take advantage of a 25% discount on the coupon code.

Free version / Standard version 45 euros / Professional version 65 euros


The three previous softwares certainly are some of the best instruments on the square to launch into the wildest karaoke. If you are looking for something simpler, a good solution certainly is TunePrompter , a freeware application that simplifies the creation of karaoke videos.

TunePrompter automatically searches for lyrics, supports MP3 and simplifies synchronizations.

User can manually synchronize song lyrics with singer’s voice and subsequently export them on your iPod, iPhone or Apple TV. TunePrompter will complete the formatting. Available in a free version.


Aria provides DJ mode, Scratch mode and Karaoke mode.

With the DJ mode, you can create a professional style music mix , synchronize beats and tempo, record mixes and crossfades.

Scratch mode allows you to take advantage of virtual turntables, while Karaoke mode offers the user a large library with tons of karaoke classics, so you don’t have to waste time looking for the best songs to put on the list.

But what do I do if my favorite song is missing? No fear, since it is always possible to buy it , download it and store it in the library.

Among the supported formats are MP3 G standard, Zipped MP3 G or WAV G . It is perhaps the most suitable software for those who like to experiment. Available in a free version.

Just Karaoke 2.0

Just Karaoke 2.0 is a solution that fits very well both for home evenings and for the needs of professionals in the sector, such as DJs. Produced by TriceraSoft, who created the MP3 + G Karaoke format , is described as simple, no-nonsense karaoke software.

Its history option helps you remember songs from the previous session. Also, they are present shortcuts , half buttons and much more.

Free version / “pro” version from $ 49.95


In the past it was only available on Macs, but now Lyrx can also be used on Windows, which is undoubtedly an important aspect. This software supports all kinds of high quality non-DRM karaoke files and automatically import iTunes playlists.

In addition, it comes with a automatic filling which guarantees a nice effect to the songs.

By partnering with Party Tyme Karaoke, Lyrx allows users to have access to over 15,000 songs.

Just like Just Karaoke 2.0, the option can also be used here Key Recogniser to remember songs from previous playlists and to make changes to any song. It supports all zip formats.

Available in free version and in “pro” format at a price of 79 dollars.

SingSong Karaoke

If you are looking for basic software to test your singing skills, SingSong Karaoke is perhaps the solution that can really do for you.

Any song in the full version can be used, even if necessary enter the texts manually . At the end of the performance, the software will also assign a score based on the quality of your voice.

Also, you can use SingSong Karaoke in multiplayer mode , challenging their friends: the software will determine who sang better, with very accurate results.

Free version / $ 29.99 version.

Karaoke 5

Karaoke 5 is great software for professional use. It has an extensive online database which instantly provides details and information about any track. Other standalone features include transposition, clap meter, and custom skins.

Its home version is far too advanced. Also, Karaoke 5 supports all popular formats and manages everything without wasting time.

Free version / € 33 and € 155 versions


Not many people know that Audacity is not alone an audio editor program , but also a fantastic partner that allows you to create your own karaoke tracks.

If you have enough time to create custom karaoke songs for your own party or just for test your skills with singing , it is really worthwhile to focus on Audacity, which turns out to be one of the best solutions on the market, also because the interface of this software is easy to use. Available in a free version.

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