The best LG soundbars, which ones to buy?

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Each of us tries to have one television that allows you to enjoy the best possible vision of movies, TV series and various programs.

In addition to the aesthetic performance and the graphic quality (colors, brightness, etc.), another aspect of great importance is undoubtedly the audio sector . It is always bad to see that a TV fails to satisfy us in listening, offering us low quality audio which inevitably spoils our experience with the product.

What to do when we realize that our TV sound is not up to our needs? The first thing that comes to mind is obviously model replacement , but it is not certain that the budget at our disposal will allow us to buy a new television with features and functionality from top of the range , including those concerning audio.

Fortunately, there is a valid alternative, which is enjoying some success with customers. We are talking about soundbars , that is, bars about the length of the TV (or a little less) that have speakers, an amplifier and one set of equalization which allows you to adapt the sound according to the environment in which you are.

With the soundbars – the latest models are also aesthetically pleasing, ed – you can therefore get a much improved audio, more defined, often with a lot of surround effect that will give that same emotion and that involvement typical of cinemas.

Furthermore, and this is far from secondary, with the soundbars we will not even have to deal with annoying and bulky cables , since the bar is easily installed under the TV or on the back of the product, or on the wall behind the TV.

Among the companies that produce the best soundbars on the market there is certainly LG , a brand that always manages to offer optimal solutions in the TV sector. There is no shortage of good sound and many connectivity options in the best LG soundbar models, which we are going to get to know in detail.

Up eBay the soundbar is available for $ 1,496.


The best LG soundbar out there is the LG SN11RG. This very well built 7.1.4 configuration is equipped with a dedicated subwoofer and it is also equipped with two satellite speakers, in such a way as to create a decidedly more engaging and “cinematic” listening experience.

LG’s soundbar ensures Atmos and DTS support, and like most models of the South Korean company it presents many connectivity options : in this way, the user can also use it as a hub between the TV and other devices.

The default audio profile fits very well to an extensive variety of musical genres , with particular appreciation for the bass range that will be perfect for genres such as hip-hop.

In addition, the LG SN11RG soundbar is equipped with many sound enhancement features, including one that goes to analyze in detail the acoustic characteristics of the room where the device is located, resulting in an improvement in the sound quality of the bar.

The bar comes with some equalization presets , and it is undoubtedly an important aspect. However, LG’s soundbar does not have a graphic equalizer – users who like to customize their sound they might be a little disappointed from this deficiency.

Another not exceptional aspect is the presence of one slight distortion when the volume is turned up to maximum. It is a very large soundbar, perhaps not very easy to place and install but able to provide very versatile performances , in such a way as to be able to please everyone.


Among the LG 5.1 soundbars that can be found on the market, LG SN9YG it is perhaps the best performing product.

Both from an aesthetic point of view and in terms of performance, the similarity with the LG SN10YG soundbar described above it looks pretty clear. However, it must be taken into account that this solution is proposed to a lower price , and it is certainly not an insignificant detail.

The sound profile of the LG SN9YG is rich in bass that will allow users to enjoy watching the best (and listening to) action or adventure films, as well as some musical genres (electronic dance, for example).

While not equipped with a more complete equalizer, the soundbar does offer an exceptional range of functions dedicated to improving the sound , including the five equalization presets and the analysis of the room in which the device is located to have the best adaptation of the sound.

The soundbar also has many physical inputs as well supports eARC and Dolby Atmos . It is also possible to wirelessly stream our favorite audio using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or the built-in Chromecast.

Some negative aspect it should be emphasized, such as the distortion that is felt when the volume is at maximum. However, this 5.1 soundbar guarantees very high performance and adapts perfectly to various uses.

The product is for sale on Make it up at the price of 889 euros.

LG GX Soundbar – See price or buy

If, on the other hand, we are looking for an LG soundbar with configuration 3.1 , here is that LG GX Soundbar is really for us.

Already on the aesthetic level, this solution of the South Korean company is particularly appreciable, given the exclusive teardrop shape designed to best fit in terms of design with LG OLED series TVs.

Its default audio profile suits most audio content very well. In addition, the presence of the wireless subwoofer ensures extra power to the mix.

For those who are looking for a different sound, LG’s soundbar makes available a couple of EQ presets , as well as some interesting features, such as the automatic volume mode that allows you to make the most of the experience with your TV.

Here too there are some sore points. For example, the soundbar supports Atmos content, but it is required downmix in stereo to reproduce it and it is certainly not an aspect that guarantees the most immersive listening experience possible.

In addition, some non-trivial features are also absent, such as the graphic equalizer or the mode that allows you to adapt the sound to the room in which the device is located.

On the bass we are not at memorable levels (despite the subwoofer), therefore we cannot consider it as the ideal choice for lovers of electronic dance and hip-hop. However, the LG GX Soundbar guarantees versatile performance , it adapts to many uses and is characterized by a unique design.

Available on Amazon a 849 euros .