The best neumann microphones, prices and reviews

The best neumann microphones, prices and reviews

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Neumann is a German company renowned for the production of recording microphones. Neumann microphones are of the highest quality and represent one of the best solutions in this sector.

Neumann microphones are characterized by being large diaphragm condenser products. What does it mean? Each microphone has as its characteristic element the diaphragm, that is to say a circular element composed of plastic material, which allows the acoustic vibrations to be converted into a signal. The large diaphragm is able to soften the sound and capture more acoustic energy.

In any recording studio, the first purchase to make is definitely a large diaphragm condenser microphone. All the best Neumann condenser microphones will need a power supply in order to function properly. The peculiarity of these microphones is that they can record silent and dynamic sources. In fact, their background noise is really low. This is certainly one of the many advantages of these Neumann-branded microphones. These products are also suitable for the reproduction of voice and musical instruments in a recording studio. In fact, they guarantee a powerful and pleasant sound for the voice, so that it is perfect and ideal for recording. All the best recording studios are equipped with microphones of this type, testifying how valid and performing these products are!

Let’s now analyze the 10 best Neumann microphone models currently on the market, which you can buy on Amazon and other online stores at the most affordable prices.

The best 10 Neumann microphones on the market:

NEUMANN TLM 102 – See price or buy

This large condenser microphone from Neumann ensures a very high quality and keeps the classic sound characteristics intact. It is an ideal product to use in a recording studio, since it allows you to better reproduce both the spoken and sung voice and the sound of particular instruments, such as drums, percussion and wind instruments.

The microphone has low noise (just 12dB) and a great 142dB dynamic range. The microphone is equipped with a technology that avoids the use of transformers. The price is all in all accessible and the reviews present online are almost all excellent.

NEUMANN TLM 103 See price or buy

Like the previous one, this microphone is also one of the best Neumann products. It is one of the most renowned large condenser microphones on the market for voice reproduction. The large diaphragm capsule derives from the very famous U 87. Compared to the TLM 102 model, this product is less noisy and has a double weight, which reaches 450 grams. In addition, it has less harmonic distortion. The overall quality, therefore, is remarkable and the price is higher than that of the previous model. Here too excellent reviews. The microphone will be able to reproduce even the low frequencies perfectly.

NEUMANN TLM 107 See price or buy

This large condenser microphone has the particularity of being able to adjust all the control functions, through a Joystick-switch, and to be able to view them for 15 seconds on a small display. The product is ideal for reproducing the sound of percussion and string instruments. The frequency range is 20Hz-20kHz. It has an automatic noise of just 10 db, so as not to hinder the performance of the voice and instruments during playback. The price is over 1000 euros, but the overall quality is excellent. This is also confirmed by the reviews present online.

NEUMANN TLM 170 R See price or buy

The Neumann TLM 170 R microphone stands out for its remarkable versatility. In fact, it has five polar models, which can be switched remotely. In addition, it has an SPL handling of 154 dB. It is equipped with a filter to attenuate the bass at 100 Hz. The weight of the product is approximately 625 grams. It is one of the best microphones for capturing sound in every direction. Its five directivities are: omnidirectional, cardioid, wide cardioid, hypercardioid and eight. The automatic noise does not disturb and is 14 dB. The price is over 2000 euros, but the quality is remarkable.

NEUMANN TLM 193 See price or buy

This microphone has a lower cost than the previous one, but has the same ability to faithfully reproduce the sounds coming from the sides. It is an ideal instrument to own in a recording studio for reproducing the voice and sound of instruments. Neumann TLM 193 uses a transformerless circuit and is composed of a large dynamic range. The background noise is just 10 dB. SPL management reaches 140 dB.

NEUMANN TLM 49 See price or buy

The Neumann TLM 49 is a large diaphragm studio condenser microphone, ideal for reproducing the spoken or sung voice. It has a directional cardioid and uses the transformerless technology typical of the Neumann brand. Professional singers will be able to make the most of this product. The frequency range is from 20 to 20,000 Hz. The maximum sound pressure level is 102 dB. The weight is 825 grams. The price is in the average of the best Neumann brand microphones and the reviews on the web are very good.

NEUMANN TLM 67 See price or buy

This is a large diaphragm condenser microphone featuring a distinctive two-color design: gray and nickel. It has three directional characteristics: omnidirectional, cardioid and figure-eight. The maximum sound pressure is 105 dB, while the background noise is just 10 dB. It is perfect for the reproduction of the voice and for that of some instruments, such as strings, cello, piano and double bass. In a recording studio, therefore, it will be ideal to have such an instrument. The price is a bit high, but the quality is remarkable and the sonic distortions are almost nil.

NEUMANN U 87 AI See price or buy

Neumann U 87 AI needs no introduction and, according to many, represents the real benchmark for large diaphragm condenser microphones. With this Neumann model, in fact, many cinematographic dialogues, advertising recordings and recordings for radio and television have been made. It is also a perfect tool for professional singers, since there is a low-cut filter to cancel the proximity effect. It features three polar, omnidirectional, cardioid and figure-eight patterns. There is a double membrane capsule. The price is around 2400 euros, but the quality is exceptional. Furthermore, the reviews are all excellent.

U 67 REISSUE See price or buy

This microphone represents the new version of the very famous Neumann U 67 model which appeared in 1960. The model has 3 polar patterns and is therefore suitable for any sound source, from vocals to musical instruments. It is an ideal tool to own in a recording studio. The BV 12 transformer and the K67 capsule are present. The price is remarkably high, but, as with all major Neumann microphones, the overall quality is very high.

NEUMANN D-01 See price or buy

Neumann D-01 is a very distinctive microphone, being equipped with an integrated A / D converter. The signal is converted directly to the capsule. The instrument is ideal for recording the sound of vocals and musical instruments in a recording studio. Excellent are the parameters related to the automatic noise, of just 8 dB, and to the capacity, which can reach 138 dB of SPL. The sound distortions, therefore, are practically reduced to a minimum. The microphone has 15 polar patterns.

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