The best pop filters for studio microphones

The best pop filters for studio microphones

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The pop filter is a tool that does a very simple job: it helps and eliminates the annoyance of “popping”, that is, it blocks the “explosive” consonants. In other words, this device allows you to eliminate the unpleasant sound caused by the pronunciation of some consonants (the “b” and the “p” above all). The sound caused by the mechanical impact of the air is often generated explosively and therefore could create problems with professional studio microphones; pop filters avoid all of this.

Pop filters also have a less technical and more protective function: they also serve to protect the studio microphone from saliva. Saliva salts are quite corrosive and can decrease the efficiency of the microphone and, in the long run, make it stop working. A pop filter will prevent the contact of saliva during recording and will protect the capsule of the studio microphone.

A pop filter protects not only from saliva while singing or talking, but also from dust and moisture. It will reduce the annoying noise caused by breathing and the possible presence of wind. A pop filter not only protects against speech, but also serves to have better sound quality in podcasts, internet videos, live performances or voiceovers.

In addition to being protective, it is essential that a similar product is also robust and that it does not break or reduce its function after a few uses. The protective layers of the pop filter are mainly made of stainless steel or nylon and the interior is made of foam. Pop filters made of nylon or other fabric material are cheaper, but they can do their job of shielding and protection very well.

What diameter can pop filters have? The average diameter of a pop filter is about 15 cm (6 inches), but there are also smaller diameter filters on the market, such as 10 cm. Obviously, the greater the diameter of the pop filter, the better the possibility of movement by the singer during the performance.

How does a pop filter work?

A pop filter consists of a circular disk placed in front of the microphone, to which a thin screen of fabric material (for example, nylon) is attached. This disc will be mounted on a kind of flexible rod in order to adjust the filter according to the needs of the singer or narrator during the recording phase.

The function of the filter is as follows. When the sound emitted from the mouth hits this screen, it allows the explosive consonants to be blocked: the breath of air emitted from the mouth hits the mesh (in some filters it may even be double) and “breaks”, losing its coherence. A pop filter will prevent the wind or annoying noises from disturbing and compromising the recording in the studio, being the microphone a very sensitive device to any noise. The pop filter is a very simple, but very effective tool.

Now let’s see the best pop filters for studio microphones on the market. They can be purchased at the best online stores present.

The best pop filters for studio microphones

Musician’s Gear Double Pop Filter 6 “

This pop filter, available for a very low price, is perfect for eliminating the annoying noises and distorted sound of explosive consonants. The peculiarity of this instrument is given by the presence of a double filter, which allows greater effectiveness than traditional filters. The two filters are divided by about half an inch between them: the first filter disperses the excess air pressure avoiding annoying noises or explosions of some consonants; the second filter disperses other unnecessary air movements, favoring the passage of vocal sound in a clear and undistorted way. It is especially suitable for vocal recordings in professional studios. It has a diameter of 6 inches (just over 15 cm).

On-Stage ASVS6-GB Microphone Pop Filter

This pop filter consists of a protective layer of black nylon micro fabric. It sells for a very low price, but while it doesn’t have the same stopping power as the double mesh, this nylon pop filter provides really good protection. The nylon filter is specially designed to spread the vocal sound at its best, avoiding annoying noises and distortions caused by explosive consonants and wind. This device has a diameter of 6 inches (just over 15 cm). It is equipped with a 6-inch extension bar: this allows greater freedom of movement during recording. The gooseneck is 13 inches long.

Auphonix Microphone Pop Filter (MPF-1) – See price or buy

It is a device formed by a double layer of protection, to guarantee the best recording without distortion. This pop filter allows for professional recordings in a recording studio. The sound is made crisp and clear and this is particularly important in the audio quality of any video to be played. This pop filter with its dual filter design is available in a round shape with either a 6-inch (15cm) diameter or a smaller 4-inch version. It also features an adjustable neck for precise and stable microphone placement. It is a very economical device.

Raxxess RAX POMT Stoppit 6 “Microphone Pop Filter – See price or buy

This pop filter has a slightly higher price than the previous ones and ensures remarkable performance in eliminating the annoying “popping”. It features an adjustable gooseneck and clamp. It has a round shape and a diameter of about 15 cm. The value for money is extraordinary and the recordings are clear and without distortions due to explosive consonants, wind and ambient noises. The material of the nylon fabric is slightly thin and, therefore, you must be careful and handle it with care.

Stedman Proscreen PS101 – See price or buy

This pop filter, unlike the previous ones, does not have a nylon protective layer, but is equipped with a much more resistant metal screen. The metal deflects the air downward, reducing distortion and allowing the sound to reach the microphone crisp. This metal screen has much more strength and durability than classic nylon fabric. The filter diameter is 4.6 inches (about 11.7 cm) long, while the adjustable gooseneck is a whopping 20 inches. The diameter is slightly smaller than the standards: for this reason the singer will have slightly less range of motion than other models. However, this pop filter provides excellent results.

Stedman Corporation Proscreen XL – See price or buy

This pop filter has a diameter of approximately 15cm and is constructed of filter material very similar to metal, although exact details are not provided in the product data sheet. The build house clearly specifies that the material is highly reliable and very easy to clean after each use. Included are the 13-inch flexible gooseneck and a clamp with nylon protection, so as not to damage the microphone stand with any scratches. It costs slightly more than normal, but the performance is excellent to avoid the annoying “popping”.

Pauly Superscreen

This is a very expensive pop filter, but equipped with exceptional materials that will allow you to perfectly avoid “popping” and other possible disturbances due to wind, environmental noise and more. The filter is even handmade in Germany and is intended exclusively for use in highly professional studios. The gooseneck is flexible, yet incredibly stable. It is equipped with a layer of fabric, which manages to perfectly shield the sound by blocking the explosive consonants and all ambient noises. It has a 4.75-inch diameter and a 12.5-inch gooseneck.