The best portable audio system, which one?

The best portable audio system, which one?

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Buying the best portable audio system could be tricky as there are so many brands with different models on the market. What if you don’t have a general understanding of them and buy the wrong one? Before investing in a high-tech portable system, you need to know what you need by leveraging your personal preferences. Basically, a portable audio system amplifies the sound by helping the vocal cords of the singer or speaker to route the sound evenly to the audience, with higher volume without using an entire club system. In almost all of these systems, you will find microphones, speakers, and a built-in amplifier. In addition, some of them may include multiple microphone ports, other audio connection sockets, a mixer to adjust the output and more than one speaker to cover a greater sound distance. To help you purchase, we have carefully studied a long list, finally managing to choose the best 5 currently on the market. After you have read our review, we are sure that buying a portable audio system will be easier for you.

ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77) Portable PA – See price or buy

Founded in 2003, ION Audio has set out to reach the top of the audio system rankings. In fact, the world market dominance is absolute to this day, with new and better quality audio products to create unforgettable hours of entertainment. This company has always believed that audio products should be easy to use and affordable for everyone. With this new device called Tailgater iPA77, ION aims to create an unforgettable sonic atmosphere. Fashionable in design, this audio system gives you the ability to stream your favorite music via Bluetooth or NFC, with a connectivity range that reaches within 100 meters. This PA system packs all the good in a portable yet stylish way. To rock this “baby” you can stream your favorite music via Bluetooth or NFC and guess what? It has a connectivity range of up to 100 meters away! In addition to wireless connectivity, the system has a microphone and a cable so that it can be used as karaoke. It also has a 1/8 inch auxiliary port for connecting your old and dear CD player. In order not to miss anything, ION has equipped this system with the built-in radio function. Entertainment is guaranteed for 50 hours. It also has a USB port to which you can connect any external device.

Yamaha STAGEPAS 600I Portable PA System – See price or buy

Yamaha has a tradition behind them in quality equipment that continues to this day; therefore, when we talk about audio systems it is always at the forefront. With the STAGEPAS 600I the company has created a system with great power, exceptional functionality and excellent quality sound. With a simple design and easy to set up, this portable system is both compact and light enough to be carried by hand. Two speakers, a detachable mixer, power cord, and speaker cables are included. The detachable mixer also includes a USB port to charge the phone without compromising its performance. This audio system features an SPX digital reverb knob that offers four settings – hall, plate, room and echo – perfect for vocals and acoustic instruments. Likewise, the Knob Master EQ gives you instant access to match your sound with your surroundings – just turn the knob up to add bass to your musical performance. A feedback suppressor for live performances is also included.

Winbridge S92 Pa System – See price or buy

Winbridge is known for designing portable systems used by karaoke enthusiasts, teachers, tour guides and speakers. S92 is equipment is therefore essential for these categories of people. It has a lot of features: 25W of power, low power consumption and high efficiency which allows it to offer continuous playback time of up to 20 hours. Along with the system, a U2 wireless transmitter is offered which is equipped with an 1800m / h lithium battery. Likewise, the sound system is so small that it can be easily transported.

Behringer Europort MPA40BT-PRO – See price or buy

Behringer’s Europort MPA40BT-PRO stands for lightness in the audio industry. Extremely lightweight, it can stream your favorite songs via Bluetooth. Thanks to the 40W amplifier and the premium two-way speaker, this system emits a powerful sound and lasts for 12 hours. A high quality microphone is included but you could add two more via the wireless link. The weight of the audio system is only 9kg and features a luggage-style handle with wheels built into the bottom, allowing for easy and stylish transport. This extraordinary system features an integrated two-channel mixer with ultra-loud microphone preamps that ensure a fully natural experience. Likewise, it features a two-band equalizer along with Bluetooth support for streaming audio from your smartphone.

Fender Passport Conference PA System – See price or buy

Fender needs no introduction, being a historic company and present on the audio instrument market since 1948. Its products are legendary, used by every musician to create music ranging from rock to pop. The Passport Conference PA System from Fender is a portable audio system that contains everything needed to produce great sound in portable form. With easy-to-use features, even newbies can use it without problems. Idealism starts with this system as it is perfect for sporting events, public and private, for small clubs, seminars; in short, practically everything. The two quiet-looking speakers are like beasts flailing inside, while giving off 175 watts of power. Plus, a built-in 5-channel mixer can accommodate an entire band with its endless input options. Composing the perfect sound has never been easy, but thanks to the 2-band EQ and a 20 dB pad it becomes possible. Speaking specifically about the speaker, don’t be fooled by its small size as it has enough potential to cover a large area without compromising sound quality. Likewise, the Class D amplifier ensures you hear clear and understandable sound in any environment.

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