The best sites to download audiobooks for free and legally

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In today’s world, we all run and often don’t have time to devote to our hobbies, such as reading a good book. Fortunately, technology is coming to our aid with always new apps or take them where it leads to download or listen to an AudioBook.

What is an Audiobook?

Audiobooks offer the advantage of to read a book while other tasks are carried out, these books are often read by famous actors who involve the user more.

This type of entertainment is very popular in America, in the United States, where 24% of the population listened to an audiobook, while in 2017 the sales of this new product generated 2.5 billion dollars.

In this article we show you some portals where you can buy or subscribe and start discovering the world of Audio Books:


Storytel is one of the largest audiobook, podcast and e-book subscription streaming services in the world. Storytel offers listening and reading of over 500,000 titles globally.

Radio 3, “Out loud”

Up Radio 3 , the Rai radio station dedicated to cultural programs, is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 5 pm “Ad alta voce”, the program that offers reading by great actors of texts.

Liber liber

Liber Liber is the best-stocked site with free audio books (but what books), which offers some of the great classics of world literature.

Audio book

Here you can download audiobooks for children narrated by Ginzo Robiginz, enriched with sound effects and funny sounds.


Librivox is an American non-profit site, where you can find the classics of international literature, read by the volunteers who support the initiative. The audiobooks available are in various languages, including Italian.

In the site 3000 audio books can be downloaded for free, including 1800 in Italian.

Classic audiobooks

This platform allows you to enjoy free audiobooks of the classics of Italian and international literature.

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