The best sony camcorders, prices and advice

The best sony camcorders, prices and advice

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When we refer to video cameras it is impossible not to take into consideration the products of the Japanese company Sony. Many people think that the latest generation smartphones can be enough to ensure excellent video quality. But if you want to have better reliability and quality, then it’s impossible not to think about buying a real camcorder.

The main feature to consider at the time of purchase concerns the resolution. It may be in HD, but there are cameras that offer even better resolution in Full HD. The latest generation models (the more expensive ones) allow you to shoot videos with an even better resolution, in 4K or also called Ultra HD.

Every Sony camcorder will have a zoom available. It is important to differentiate between optical and digital zoom. The optical zoom manages to correct the focus perfectly and is certainly better than the digital one. Each video camera is equipped with a sensor, i.e. a mechanism capable of transforming light into electrical signals. Another feature to be absolutely evaluated is the camera stabilizer. The instrument, in fact, must be used freehand and, therefore, it is essential to have a stabilizer that limits the shaking. The stabilizer can also be digital or optical. The cheaper models will have the digital one available, unlike the more expensive models equipped with the optical stabilizer. The optical stabilizer uses special hardware, while the digital one reduces blurred images with particular software. The digital stabilizer, however, has the flaw of reducing the quality and resolution of the recorded video.

The cameras also have a display to view the shot taken in real time. In many cases it can be exploited cameras that support video recording on SD cards. In this way, every recorded recording can be transferred without problems to your PC. There are many Sony camcorders with a long battery life on the market. Obviously, a cheaper model will have a lower battery and lower technical and functional characteristics than a performing and more expensive camera. In choosing the Sony camcorder model best suited to your purpose, it is essential to carefully evaluate the use to be made of it.

There are several on the market Sony camcorder models . Choosing the most suitable model for your needs is not easy. We have tried to select some of them, highlighting their main characteristics.

Let’s now analyze 10 best Sony camcorders currently on the market.

Top 10 Sony Camcorders:

Sony A7 III – See price or buy

This Sony camcorder model is a model that can guarantee excellent results in terms of quality, convenience and reliability. It is an all-rounder model and is one of the best Sony products among full frame mirrorless cameras. Excellent is the resolution in 4K Ultra HD 2160p. Among the features we have the pre-flash function and the ability to reduce the effect of red eyes. It has auto focus and auto timer. The maximum image size is 6,000 x 4,000. The sensor of this model is 24 MP with a backlit design, which will guarantee excellent quality and a really satisfying resolution. There is a front-end BIONZ X image processor, which produces very fast data processing and reading speeds.

Sony A7R Mark IV – See price or buy

This model has a very high resolution of 61 MP (the highest of all Sony camcorders) and continuous shooting at 10 fps. Being a high-end model, the price is very high, but the quality and overall reliability have important values. The product is very easy to use and is really handy. The stabilizer minimizes hand shake and ensures perfect video quality.

This model guarantees a Pixel Shift multiple shooting mode. It can combine 4 images for color data for each pixel or 16 images with sub-pixel movements, to create 240 megapixel photographs.

Sony A7 – See price or buy

Sony A7 is a compact digital camera with an interchangeable lens. It is a 24 megapixel full frame mirrorless camera. This model came out on the market in 2013 and, therefore, is not very recent, but it guarantees excellent value for money. It has become an affordable model and affordable for everyone, as the technology on sensors and automatic focusing systems has expanded into other models on the market. Despite this, the model is very powerful and made with excellent materials. One drawback is the low battery life.

Sony A6000 – See price or buy

Sony A6000 has 24.3MP resolution and 11fps continuous shooting speed. The camera has a Full HD resolution and is suitable for purely novice users. The autofocus is great. It does not offer the ability to record 4K movies, but the technical performance and image quality are very good. Furthermore, the value for money is also remarkable. The model is a bit dated, but you won’t be disappointed with its use.

Sony A6400 – See price or buy

Sony A6400 is a Sony digital video camera equipped with a 3-inch 180 degree tilting touch screen. It has a very good autofocus, very fast and technological. High are the 4K video capabilities. It has excellent quality for still images and videos. The maximum image size is 6,000 x 4,000 pixels. This model also offers an HDMI output for external recorders via its HDMI port.

Sony A6100 – See price or buy

Sony A6100 is a digital video camera with an APS-C sensor and 24.2MP resolution. The screen is 180 degrees and is a 3 inch touch screen. It will be possible to record videos in 4K. The focus is automatic and the continuous shooting speed is 11 fps. It has significant technical improvements over the two models just mentioned, since it is a more recent product. For this reason, the price is higher than the previous two models. It has a 3.5mm microphone jack and is a very light and compact model. The weight, in fact, stands at a value of less than 400 grams.

Sony RX100 V / VA – See price or buy

This digital camcorder has a large enough sensor for a compact model like this. The resolution is 20.1 MP, while the continuous shooting speed stands at 24 fps. It is a small model and, for this reason, it could create a bit of difficulty for a novice user with regards to handling. This product allows you to make videos in 4K and the image quality is very high. The price is slightly above expectations.

Sony HX90V – See price or buy

This model uses a 2.3-inch Type 1 sensor. A feature of this model is to have an integrated GPS. The resolution is 18.2MP, while the continuous shooting speed is 10fps. The screen is tiltable and is 3 inches, but it has the flaw of not being a touch screen. It has a really satisfying zoom, up to 30x. There is also a 5-axis image stabilizer. 4K video will not be possible.

Sony Cyber-shot WX220 – See price or buy

This model represents one of the best Sony beginner camcorders. The price is very low, as well as the technical characteristics are not high, but if you are looking for a reliable entry level model, the product is for you. It has a 2.3-inch sensor 1 and has a resolution of 18.2 MP. It also has a 10x optical zoom. The continuous shooting speed is 1.5 fps. The screen is slightly small and stands at 2.7 inches. The price is very low, but the image quality is satisfactory. Recommended purchase if your budget is limited.

Sony RX10 IV – See price or buy

Sony RX10 IV is a reliable camcorder that will make you take high quality photos and videos. The touch screen is tiltable and is 3 inches. It will be possible to make videos in 4K, thanks to a sensor that offers a resolution of 20.1 MP. The continuous shooting speed stands at 24 fps. It is an expensive and high-end model as far as technical and performance aspects are concerned. It has an autofocus system and the zoom can reach very great distances. This compact model is designed for an experienced clientele.