The best stereo speakers, prices and opinions

The best stereo speakers, prices and opinions

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You have to buy some stereo speakers, but you don’t know what the features c he you have to pay attention to make sure that your purchase is efficient from all points of view? Do not worry, because in this useful and precious post I will provide you with all the indications you need to find the best stereo speakers that fit your needs and most importantly that match your wallet.

There are many types of speakers on the market and choosing the right ones suitable for your system is not so difficult as many may mistakenly think even if it must be emphasized that the variables that can compromise the audio quality they can be different, so if you are a beginner it is good to pay attention to what I am about to tell you.

How to choose the best stereo speakers?

If you are a big music fan, then you will have to choose some high quality stereo speakers so that the sound produced is of very high sound quality. Before illustrating, therefore, the best devices to buy, here are below features that every chest must have  so that the reproduced sound is excellent.

Which material to prefer?

First of all we need to pay attention to your budget because you must know that if you want to get a good quality audio system, the stereo speakers have a price to say the least high especially if  assembly  and the material is of good workmanship. A good product is  made of wood, although on the market you can find crates made with other types of materials such as  aluminum or hyplastic.  Regardless, therefore, the type must be careful of amount of cones or speakers present within it.

In fact, it is precisely this feature that distinguishes stereo speakers on the market. Depending on the type of cones present, the sounds that the speakers emit are different: For example, the woofers are used to manage the bass, the mid-range of the mids and the tweeters of the highs .

Generally speaking, in order to obtain a medium-high quality sound reproduction, you will have to opt for stereo speakers having a woofer and a tweeter . If, on the other hand, you want to get excellent sound then you have to go for it much more expensive models .

Choose them according to the type of furniture

You must know that these devices are present in the market of various models and sizes. There are many brands that make them and each device is equipped with different model and size . To ensure that they are placed in the right position, make sure that there are no c furnishing accessories that modify the sound and above all pay attention to how you arrange them because to express themselves at their best they must be located in the right direction.

Types of stereo speakers

There are many models that you can prefer: they exist floor loudspeakers, shelf loudspeakers, loudspeakers for multichannel systems .

Floor standing speakers

Let’s see briefly what they are features of this type of device.

These are speakers in great demand and appreciated due to the sound quality they emit. However, it is necessary to underline a small aspect: this type of model can distort the sound if it is not positioned in the right position . Floor standing speakers are difficult to place for two reasons: the case volume it is very broad and also the structure itself has quite large dimensions.

Therefore they are ideal for those who have a very large and spacious room and are recommended  for who listen to stereo music or  those who intend to build a multi-channel system for movies.

Bookshelf speakers

I am more small compared to the aforementioned speakers , but no less powerful.  They are recommended for those with a small environment because they can be easily positioned in any place without causing any kind of problem.

With this type of device the only problem that could arise is the poor bass power , but can be easily solved by integrating a subwoofer .

The best stereo speakers

Are you a music lover? Then choose the stereo speakers that best meet your needs. Below you will find recommended products, proven by those who have already purchased them. Let’s start immediately with illustrating the first best stereo speaker 2018 to be considered for playing  a highly performing sound.

Definitive Technology BP9080x – See price or buy

It is about two good performance speakers . The sound emitted is deep, compelling and above all enveloping. Every sound emitted is crisp and clear. Thanks to the components of which it is made, the user has the possibility of check the volume of the subwoofer on each speaker, so this means that the volume can be adjusted and adapted to any room with any standing wave.

If you are planning on spending a lot of money on respectable audio quality, then this model is the one most suitable for you .

Klipsch The Sixes Hi-fi Loudspeaker, Walnut – See price or buy

High performance speakers, the sound is excellent, enveloping, clear and highly efficient. The dimensions that are not exactly large do not cause any problems for their location. All the used materials for the realization of the device are highly of quality , so this means resistance and durability over time.

The speakers incorporate individual, custom ultra-low noise amplifiers designed for high performance.

Inside the box you can find a remote control, a power cord and of course the two speakers.

KEF MUO, Portable Bluetooth Speaker  – See price or buy

It is a bluetooth portable stereo speaker. 90% of the audio is characterized by a speaker accompanied in turn by one second support unit and a component used for bass.

Here too the sound is particularly enveloping, clear and balanced. The timbre is shifted to warmth with a particular emphasis on the voices. From the point of aesthetic view , this product turns out to be very elegant and can be adapted to any type of furniture although it is portable and therefore you can take it wherever you go.

The material used is aluminum and the shapes are rather sinuous. Its weight is about 800 grams and the dimensions are very small.

Q Acoustics Concept 20 – Loudspeakers  – See price or buy

Excellent tone and dynamics, which however lose some strength if the volume is lowered. All in all it is a good product and good workmanship . The frequency range is 64-22,000 Hz, while the sensitivity is 88 dB.

Recommended product, excellent value for money .