The best studio headphone amps

The best studio headphone amps

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Which headphone amplifier is the best? Which headphone amplifier do you need? Why use a headphone amplifier?

A headphone amplifier allows you to tune your headphones by offering more power and quality to the sound. The headphone amplifier becomes necessary especially when the overall power is high and you need an external amplification such as when the headphones have a high impedance. Thanks to a headphone amplifier you can increase the volume without going into distortion.

What is the best headphone amplifier?
The  headphone amplifiers are especially important if your headphones have a higher impedance of  25. Fortunately, headphone amps are not expensive and there are various models for various needs. There are desktop models and compact and ultra-portable ones but regardless of size, as expected a quality headphone amplifier can offer a more detailed and clean sound than a too cheap model that could also be very plasticky.

A headphone amplifier is not only used to increase the volume avoiding distortions, there are the multi-channel models that allow you to distribute the sound on multiple channels so that more musicians and sound engineers can listen to the same project with the possibility of adjusting the volume. of each channel to your liking just like an audio mixer. Many think that it is enough to connect the headphones directly to the output of the sound card, but do you believe that a set of headphones that cost 500 euros are exploited properly in a 300 euro audio interface? The premium amplifiers certainly return more details, here are the models we feel we can recommend:

Rupert Neve Designs RNHP

If you want to give your headphones a good shot in the arm at the high end we find the RNHP headphone amplifier by Rupert Neve Designs which costs around 450 euros and is not easily found in Italy, but do not despair, there are other good cheaper alternatives.

Little Labs monotor – 2-channel headphone amplifier

Another great headphone amplifier is the little Labs monotor which with its two channels features a pure circuit with active phase per channel. The rest of the circuit path is passive so it doesn’t color the sound. We are talking about almost 600 euros for the purchase of this amp.

When more musicians enter the scene you need to see other models that do their job well and are cheaper, among them:

PreSonus HP4 – See price or buy

The PreSonus HP4 is a 4-channel headphone amplifier in a  1/3 with dedicated volume controls for each channel.

Behringer Powerplay Pro-XL  HA4700 – See price or buy

The Behringer Powerplay Pro-XL HA4700 is another 4-channel equipped headphone amplifier where on each channel there is a two-band equalizer, an output LED tester, a mute switch and more.

ART HeadAmp 4 – See price or buy

If you want to spend a little on a decent headphone amplifier we recommend  the ART HeadAmp 4 which offers four channels.

If your need is to manage more than 4 channels you have to take a look at these other models:

ART HeadAmp6Pro – See price or buy

For a great feature-packed 6-channel amplifier look no further than the ART HeadAmp6Pro. It provides precise control with separate level and balance controls, meter and two-channel EQ.

PreSonus HP60 – See price or buy

If you want a little more from your headphone amplifier, the PreSonus HP60 with its 6 channels also offers independent mix control and the Talkback function.

Behringer MINIAMP AMP800 – See price or buy

The Behringer MINIAMP AMP800 is the solution to  low cost to power up to eight sets of headphones and despite the cost it performs very well in its job.