What are the best high fidelity Hi-Fi headphones? prices and opinions

What are the best high fidelity Hi-Fi headphones? prices and opinions

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For lovers of good music, having a reproduction of the sound, whether it comes from a vinyl or a CD or an mp3 player, is of utmost importance. Of course it is impossible to control the quality and clarity with which singers record their music but if you have top quality equipment then it becomes essential to have a pair of high fidelity headphones.

When looking for headphones of this kind, the advice is to opt for wired ones as wi-fi, despite being a comfortable means, still cannot compete with the “old style” even though it is a technology that has improved enormously in recent years.

High fidelity means high sound quality. As mentioned above, there are a number of factors that reduce the quality of the sound from the moment it is recorded to your ear, including the type of media used to reproduce the sound. So what you can do is get yourself a headphone that doesn’t further diminish the quality of whatever you’re trying to hear.

Price is not always a sign of quality. Many famous brands market different types of products and therefore the way to go is to find the right one for personal needs.

So here are the best high fidelity headphones from a wide range of prices and styles available on the market right now.


AUDIO TECHNICA ATH-M50X – See price or buy

This model of headphones are part of Audio Technica’s M-Series family, one of the most critically acclaimed. They feature a wide frequency range and high quality audio; the cables supplied are removable and convenient for transport.

Equipped with 45mm drivers, they have magnets and coils with aluminum wire and coated with copper to ensure maximum fidelity of the sound praised by both professionals working in the recording room and by critics of the audio industry. Acoustic insulation and excellent comfort: these are the main features of the ear cups that can rotate at 90 degrees.




V-MODA CROSSFADE M-100 – See price or buy

The Crossfade M-100 has been designed using materials tested according to military standards. Their construction was born using the opinions of over 200 audiophiles, professionals and music legends.

Equipped with patented Dual Diaphragm drivers, they deliver clarity across the entire frequency range, from deepest bass to ultra-extended highs. The superior sound insulation can eliminate any distracting external noise, such as the screaming of children or the noise of an engine. For a DJ they are ideal as they feature dual inputs for real-time mixing from multiple sources. And the CLIQFOLD design ensures that when finished using, they fold up for compact storage.




BOWERS & WILKINS P7 WIRED – See price or buy

One of the most popular brands in high-fidelity home audio, Bowers & Wilkins has consistently offered incredible headphone options, and their P7s are no exception. These circumaural headphones offer an extraordinary sense of space, balance and clarity across the entire frequency spectrum. Their excellent sound insulation can be exploited through the use of the iPhone. The sheepskin earbuds – which are held in place by the sturdy aluminum frame and magnets – are easily removable by detaching or replacing the cable while the foldable design allows for easy storage.




BEYERDYNAMIC T90 – See price or buy

Beyerdynamic’s T90 which stands for Tesla (yes, like the inventor) are equipped with a robust magnetic coil system, which offers extremely faithful sound reproduction. They are the first headphones to offer an open-back design. The disadvantage of this design is that the sound inside the headphones is not completely isolated and therefore excessive sound both inside and outside the headphones can “overflow”. This is, of course, the only trade-off for superior sound quality and extremely accurate audio reproduction. If you intend to listen to headphones in the comfort of your home, where there are no strong distractions, this type of headphones are probably best for you. Their super soft velvet headband offers exceptional comfort.




SHURE SRH1840 – See price or buy

In this list that we have compiled we can say that the Shure are the most resistant. The frame was constructed using an aerospace-derived aluminum alloy and stainless steel grilles. Lightness and comfort are guaranteed both by the structure of the frame and by the soft padding.

The merits are of course other too: they are equipped with individually matched 40mm neodymium magnetic drivers which offer the highest quality in both sound reproduction and frequency range. Steel frames with a ventilated center pole also help increase linearity and reduce internal resonance, so they perform qualitatively at all listening levels.










SONY MDRZ7 – See price or buy

Sony has always focused on audio equipment and has earned a huge part of its commercial reputation. After all, they created the Walkman. The quality that the MDRZ7 guarantees would place them without problems in the environment of a large recording studio. Their ergonomic aluminum padding guarantees comfortable use for several hours. These headphones feature four silver-coated copper cables and deliver very pure audio with minimal signal degradation. And the huge 70mm ALCP film driver units deliver the kind of sound that will make you feel like the artists you listen to are in the room with you. Plus, their range (4Hz to 100kHz) and wideband frequency response cover everything with crystal clear clarity, from sub harmonics to ultrasonic treble.

There is more to these headphones. They have two dedicated outputs, one on the left channel and one on the right channel which guarantee maximum reproductive precision. If we combine movement with the extremely pleasant comfort guaranteed by the silicone cushions and rings above the ear, the experience of immersion in sound will be unparalleled. They also come with both a conventional connector cable and a balanced audio cable for both listening options.