What is the 4-channel mixer for DJs at the best price?

What is the 4-channel mixer for DJs at the best price?

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Although improvements in technology have made it possible to create reliable mixing software aimed at a lot of DJs and sound engineers, it is not possible to replicate the touch you can give to knobs and faders on physical hardware. Mixers are an integral part of any digital studio audio workstation and just as important for DJs performing in clubs, although the needs are sometimes very different and the right equipment will depend a lot on what a DJ is looking for. The best 4-channel mixers give DJs a lot of flexibility while remaining portable enough to be carried anywhere, and can even meet the needs of small recording studios. Whether your primary concern is ease of use, range of effects or durability, one of the 7 models below is guaranteed to meet your needs.

Allen & Heath Xone DB4 – See price or buy

The sound of the DB4 is crisp and punchy with clear detail, and the effects are not only fully customizable, but can be chained to provide a dedicated filter for each effect. Updates on previous Xone models include the addition of phasing and delay options and new stereo settings. This product would also make a great club mixer as it can work well with a wide range of mixing software and offers enough options to meet the requirements of a digital audio DJ workstation. The extensive functions mean a somewhat complicated interface, although those familiar with mixers will get used to it after some use; the Xone has added some ingenious features, such as knobs that change color depending on the mode. It’s expensive, no doubt, but if you want the best 4-channel mixer, the Xone DB4 undoubtedly is.

Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus – See price or buy

Pioneer mixers are the industry standard for clubs and with the 900 Nexus they are once again two steps ahead of the competition. They added a touch pad to the display, allowing you to activate and control an effect with a swipe of your finger. It offers all the effects you need, including enhanced reverb and roll effects, as well as a wide range of echo, flanger, phaser and delay options. The new effects include a melodic and a spiral effect, and a particularly interesting effect is the delay effect. Audio quality has also improved over past DJM models and the Nexus is certified by Traktor, with support for timecode and MIDI functionality. Without a doubt we are talking about one of the best DJ mixers on the market.

Numark M6 USB – See price or buy

Numark makes the M6 compact mixer in a 2-channel, 3-channel and 4-channel version to meet a variety of needs. Each input channel has an LED indicator, as well as dedicated gain controls and a 3-band equalizer. It is designed not only to work well with the typical range of equipment, such as CD players or turntables, but also to connect to a computer via USB. This is useful both on stage and in the studio, giving you the ability to mix songs from your computer and easily record all your sets. It also has a dedicated channel for an XLR microphone, with a secondary mic input on the fourth channel. With a very high quality audio output, this is a model that meets the needs of DJs of all levels. This is probably the best 4-channel mixer for those on a budget.

Pioneer DJ DJM-750MK2 – See price or buy

The DJ DJM-750mk2 from Pioneer is the cheapest 4-channel mixer in the DJ DJM series. It is an update of the original DJM-750 with some important additions:

  • A sound effects knob added to each channel
  • The FX frequency added to the beat effect module, allowing you to apply an effect only to a specific frequency range (high, medium or low)
  • The DJM-750MK2 comes with the Rekordbox DJ and Rekordbox DVS as a bundle.

The sound and design quality is top notch which means it is a very good piece of equipment. On the back, we find professional-grade inputs and outputs, including send & return for FX. The effects section is of high quality, with a clear LCD screen and very good quality effects.

Reloop RMX-90 DVS – See price or buy

The highlight of this mixer is the integrated Serato DVS-compatible sound card, which makes it plug-and-play with the software. The price is great and it is lower than comparable products from Pioneer and Rane. Feature-wise, it has a very solid build quality, with good quality built-in effects, an integrated 3-port USB hub, filter knobs per channel, Innofader compatible crossfader. So, the main features are:

  • Excellent value for the price
  • An integrated sound card that natively supports Serato DVS
  • Solid build quality
  • Good quality effects
  • Integrated USB hub

Behringer DJX750 – See price or buy

If you’ve just started DJing and are looking for something to do for you, then the Behringer DJX750 could be a good place to start. You get a cheap and functional mixer that has most of the features found in more expensive models, but at half the price.

Sure, the sound quality can’t match that of the more expensive units, the effects are good but nothing more, and the overall build quality is average. If you want an extremely affordable 4-channel mixer to familiarize yourself with the professional DJ workflow and found in professional units, then this is the cheapest you can find.

The DJX750 has a dual BPM counter, a wide range of effects (which aren’t as high quality) and RCA inputs for each channel. All inputs and outputs are RCA only, so no XLR or TRS. Line faders are not very accurate as sound only builds up from half the length of the fader; so if you need precision, look elsewhere.

Reloop RMX-80 – See price or buy

The Reloop RMX-80 is slightly ahead of the RMX-60; the build quality is solid and the layout simulates that of the Pioneer DJM range. So, if you’re looking for something that comes close to high-end models but at a more affordable price, this might be your best bet. The main differences are the built-in USB hub on the back and the send and return option for effects. Aside from that, the RMX-80 is very similar to the RMX-60. Still no support for DVS but, overall, it’s an offer not to be missed.

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