Which is the best ps3 headset? prices and opinions

Which is the best ps3 headset? prices and opinions

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The PS3 was an important milestone in the history of PlayStation games. It was the first platform to bring the gamer community together via the PlayStation Network. It also created a solid foundation for the PS4. As the latter is gradually phasing out PS3 game production, it has become increasingly difficult to find great PS3 gaming headsets. But many people still use this console and have no chance to upgrade to version 4. Although with difficulty, we managed to find three great PS3 headphones, which easily balance compatibility, comfort and audio quality.


Pulse Elite Edition Wireless Stereo – See price or buy

The Pulse Elite Wireless PS3 Headphones are a Sony model built to connect seamlessly with PS3 and PS4. From the company they inherit the excellent audio quality and excellent comfort, in addition to the elegant appearance; it also has a modern architecture with well positioned buttons. But the simple ease of connection is the main reason it’s on this list. The Pulse Edition wireless headset stands on the border between comfort and elegance. The large circular pavilions are comfortably padded and comfortable to wear for long hours. The band is wide and slotted to keep the head ventilated. On the ear cups there are several controls, including the mute button, the volume slider, the sound profile control and the Bass Impact function. The microphone is built into the earphones, so for once you won’t feel hindered by the microphone, with no effect on the microphone pickup.

This PS3 headset connects to the console wirelessly via a small USB dongle. You need to plug in the dongle, turn on the headset and put it into pairing mode. The dongle is automatically recognized and the headset is now connected. The battery meter, the selected sound profile and the microphone mute button are displayed on the screen. The Pulse Elite charges via a USB cable. In case the battery goes out, you can still connect the headset via a 3.5mm jack. There are 7 audio profiles available including movies, music, shooter and racing. Through the Pulse Elite Edition Manager you can download new audio modes. Some are able to alter the original level so that you can hear certain sounds better than others.

Speaking of the audio performance of these earphones, the feature that stands out immediately is the BassImpact. This feature triggers physical pulses through the earpiece when activated, literally making the bass visceral. Audio has the depth and breadth of cinematic sound; the bass is thunderous and you can hear it even with the BassImpact, without it obscuring the voice. Virtual surround sound makes audio even bigger and more open. Unfortunately, however, it cannot hold a candle to true surround sound.


  • Very simple wireless connection
  • The BassImpact sends vibrations through the head
  • Powerful audio
  • Very comfortable
  • Built-in microphone


  • It needs to be handled with care

Turtle Beach Stealth 520 Premium Wireless PS4 Pro, PS4, & PS3 – See price or buy

The Turtle Beach Stealth 520 wireless headset connects just as easily to the PS3 and is also compatible with the PS4. Its detachable microphone is an important feature. This model lives up to its name and delivers great sound. If we put aside the price, it is an excellent choice. The architecture of the Stealth 520 headphones is a compromise between style and comfort. The earcups are oval, the headband and earbuds are opulently padded and sheathed in comfortable down. The pavilions are large enough to be circular, but do not protrude from the head. The headband has reasonable tension. A microphone is mounted on the flexible arm that plugs into the right earpiece of the headset.

The performance of the adaptive microphone monitors ambient noise and alters the pickup range of the microphone for better speech recognition. This PS3 headset connects to the PS3 using a wireless USB dongle and an optical cable. Plug the dongle into the PS3 and pair the headset with it. The optical cable runs from the audio out on the back of the PS3 to the USB dongle. There are preset sound modes like Bass Boost and Treble Boost. Independent adjustment of the game and chat volume is possible. A 3.5mm male to male cable can connect the headset to other devices. The battery lasts up to 15 hours and is charged via a USB cable. The Stealth 520 offers great audio performance. You can hear the sounds before the subject enters the graphic environment.

The sound is set in a huge sound stage and this is probably why positional audio is so good. Surround sound also feels open and impressive for a closed headphone. The SuperHuman hearing option amplifies the smallest sounds in the game; just make sure you use it in the game in a very quiet environment or the audio will just seem like an amplified mess. Dynamic chat boost increases chat volume when game audio is in the background. Then, you can hear the voices as well as the sonic chaos.


  • Detachable microphone
  • Easy wireless connection
  • Dynamic increase of the chat
  • It can connect to other devices via 3.5mm cable


  • Comfort isn’t great

SteelSeries Siberia 840 Wireless Bluetooth – See price or buy

The SteelSeries Siberia 840 headset is a versatile device: it can connect to a variety of platforms using its wireless transmitter and Bluetooth connectivity. We are talking about a premium level headphone and at the height of its price in terms of audio quality and construction. The SteelSeries Siberia 840 is gorgeous. It doesn’t have a fancy design, but it has bold curves and an assertive build that exudes elegance. The pavilions are round, loaded with foam and draped in pleather. The headband has multiple padded cushions to support comfortably on the head. The microphone protrudes from the right earpiece through a metal arm. It has an LED that lights up to indicate the silent state.

The controls are placed on the headset for easy access. This headphone is supported by the power of lithium-ion batteries; if one runs out, you can quickly swap it out for an already charged one. The battery is recharged directly inside the transmitter accessory and has a duration of up to 20 hours. The transmitter optical cable connects to the PS3. On the other hand, with the PC it is necessary to connect the USB cable. The transmitter also houses an OLED display that allows you to visually monitor all audio, wireless, configuration and system settings.

The high price of the headphone is worth the candle: very high quality sound, great design, bold bass, extremely clear mids. The connection reaches up to 9 – 12 meters without dropping or weakening. With the optical input, you can activate 7.1 or 5.1 Dolby Surround sound. If you want the real one, you need an amplifier.


  • Ultra-clear sound
  • Wireless and Bluetooth
  • The transmitter has an OLED display
  • 20 hour battery life
  • The spare battery is present


  • Quite expensive