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Updated Biography Francy Berrypop 2021

Francesco Greco is an independent singer-songwriter born in Taranto (Italy). He takes care of the production of his songs in his home studio in full autonomy, this allows him to make music not dictated by the record market.

The first contacts with the media

After working as a director in some regional television stations, he began studying seo and web marketing, managing to make some of his publications go viral on famous Italian newspapers such as, and many others.

His musical journey

At 8 he started playing with the keyboard creating his first melodies, at 15 he bought his first electric guitar, so he began to alternate the 2 worlds discovering that he had a good creative predisposition which led him to write his first songs. . At 16 he enrolled in the conservatory even if after a short time he had to leave due to a serious accident. During his teens he studied as a sound engineer. Due to adolescent excesses and a chronic asthmatic allergy, he abandoned the idea of ​​being a singer frustrated by the inability to sing live but continuing to write personal songs destined to remain private to himself. In those years he began to write melancholy songs with the intent of recreating the atmosphere of the stories he lived.

Meanwhile, he continued some studies that took most of his time driven by the fear of an increasingly uncertain working future. In 2012 he participated in Sanremo social (the most important Italian music festival), but was unable to go to the final stages that would lead him to the Italian national broadcasters.

In 2018 he moved to the Philippines to escape from a state of monotony, moving from the Forbes park district of Makati where he was in the midst of embassies and local rich people, guest of an Italian friend of his, up to still developing areas where he began to integrate with the Filipino people, the ones who struggle to survive, so he began to build relationships as if he were a local citizen, no longer as a tourist. His visits to the cities of Pasig and Quezon were frequent, and there was no lack of daily walks in the Malls, including the one he frequently went to, Megamall. In September 2018 he returned to Italy and, taken by melancholy, he decided to create a song to express his journey of emotions in a land that he has never seen again, but that he has always carried in his heart.